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User profile: sibirskivuk (Zoran Dr za Sekiraciju)
Date of birth: 15.3.1982
Location: Bujanovac
Last Activity: 4.11.2017. 21:11:14
Date of registration: 8.12.2014
Sex: Male
Status: Single
Children: -
Appearance: Attractive
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Hair color: Crna
Eye color: Gray
Zodiac sign: riba
Job: Civil Engineer
Alcohol: Occasional
Smoker: Yes
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maya989 wolfa_grays

sibirskivuk sibirskivuk :

I need a good woman, I need more of these typewriters, more than my car, More than Mozart, good wife that I already feel in the air, I feel under your fingers, see sidewalks made for her feet, see pillows for her head, I feel her restrained laughter, I see her asleep, I see her slippers on the floor, I know it exists, But where on this earth, when I constantly find whores ??? C.Bokwski smajli
sibirskivuk sibirskivuk :

If I do not occur in women whose heads are spinning money, and that we seek help because nobody did not help me in my life so that I'm not a humanitarian organization, because I am such a person is not interested and immediately go on the block, and women who fall in love with my picture because they are pathological cases, I'm here for the fun to change in a good word with people because I did not internet lover.smajlismajlismajli

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sibirskivuk  | 14:26
Mnogi će ti poželeti brdo lepih stvari, ali će se malo njih potruditi da to ostv

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User commented
dragana.miljkovic 12.1.2017. 2:09

Slatka si ;)
mm1987 25.12.2015. 14:10

remember the pictures and read what I wrote in the mail????????????????????
gentledean 4.3.2015. 19:26

would you fuck your mother, you're close to me sow US, would castrate and forced to eat his balls >:)
arisyjerry32 2.3.2015. 12:04

when pigs look stupid American, me you could not cheat because I have all the pictures were taken away from your computer, you are a little more stupid nation for Serbs, nothing you do not know the technique when you are working, and only have 3 pictures of women, beautiful women you, just in the wrong church you pump to baptize:D
arisyjerry32 27.2.2015. 22:56

This girl here is a fake profile, because I saw her Ap address, deals with prevarpm extortion of money, I want to warn everyone that she does not send money as a FRAUD :D - free dating, dating online, dating girls, site for meeting people
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