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Your zodiac - Scorpio
Personal and Social Life in 2014

If you're one of the lucky ones who have investments or savings, Scorpio, you could already be ahead, recession or no recession. While too many of your friends and family members are frantically counting their pennies, your present lifestyle is only slightly less than it once was.

Still, there are other matters that need to be dealt with. Perhaps a tree in your yard is dying or an unexpected accident happens. For this, you're going to need help.

The New Moon in Scorpio falls on November 13, so you can expect some interesting new developments around this time. You could move to a new house, start a new job, or, if you're single, start a new love relationship.

Deep down inside, you're concocting new possibilities, such as starting your own business or selling an innovative concept to an entrepreneur. Changes can be good for you - even if they don't work out as originally planned.

Jupiter, the planet of weddings, is now in Taurus, your opposite sign, and therefore your relationship is probably very stable. Taurus is a docile and loving sign, and as Venus is its ruling planet, your present relationship is loving and mutually supportive.

Yet your partner may not always understand the dark moods that hit you every now and then. It might be a good idea that you warn your partner every time your moody side is out. Send him/her to the movies or to hang out with friends during these times.

The coming of spring bodes very well for your relationship. On the day of the Spring Equinox, Venus and Jupiter will both be in Taurus, your opposite sign, and the Moon will be in romantic Pisces. If you've been planning a vacation, this is the time to take it!

The New Moon in Scorpio in November, however, brings a need to go through your financial records and make sure that you're in good shape. Nothing can zap a good relationship like money problems. Take care! - free dating, dating online, dating girls, site for meeting people
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