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Your zodiac - Leo
Personal and Social Life in 2014

2014 should be a banner year for you, Leo. On January 1, the Moon conjunct Uranus in Aries and Mercury will be in Sagittarius. This forms a Grand Fire Trine in your chart, so you have an advantage that other signs don't have.

You're feeling inspired, doing your best to reach your most cherished goals, and planning a future that will bring good fortune your way. You can do it if you stick by your guns. Avoid temptation (aka, distractions)!

August 17 marks the New Moon in Leo, and you're probably making ambitious plans for the rest of the year. Be careful, however. Mars is conjunct Saturn on the same day, which could mean obstacles and delays. Even if you have to go slowly, whatever you're hoping for is apt to succeed. It might take longer to come to fruition, but remember the old adage: better late than never!

If you've been together for a significant amount of time, chances are you know each other very well - or at least, you thought you did. On New Year's Eve the Moon conjuncts Uranus, planet of the unexpected. Whether your mate has accomplished something wonderful, or surprises you with unusual ideas, you're going to have to do a lot of thinking. However, don't panic. Chances are that you'll work it out together - and it could be exciting.

2014 is going to be a busy year. Both of you probably have demanding careers, and there will be times when this becomes exceedingly frustrating. It might be a good idea that you actually schedule a specific time and date for you to spend together.

Unless a disaster happens, keep plans firm. Your time together is precious - and neither career, money, nor other matters should get in the way. Strengthen your bond by spending more time together, and the payoff will be priceless. - free dating, dating online, dating girls, site for meeting people
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