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Your zodiac - Capricorn
Personal and Social Life in 2014

Capricorn is perhaps the most practical of signs, which is why so many of them become business executives, or something similar. They have a good head for practical matters, and an innate knowledge of how society works. Capricorns tend to be practical, and unlike Sagittarius and Pisces, they go for a position in an in-demand, competitive field rather than a more intellectual or artistic professional venture.

It's all about the bottom line, and 2014 is definitely no exception for this rule. Over the past few years, a lot of Capricorns may have been forced to remain in a lower-level position than what is suitable. However, the recession is finally letting up, and if you continue to use your business-related skills the way you always have, you may finally get the promotion you always wanted.

As is often the case, it won't be easy, but bosses, colleagues, and friends alike know your strengths and you are smart enough to make the most of them. Even though it's been rough, you'll make it happen this year. Keep climbing!

You're one of those people who don't really enjoy playing the field. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and when Saturn is dominant, the native generally doesn't date more than a select one or two people. Capricorns have strict standards, mostly the same code of etiquette and mores that their parents followed, and the grandparents, and the great-grandparents, and so on. They tend to be very serious, and can be rather disappointed when a new relationship doesn't work out.

Capricorns generally want to have a family, sometimes having more children or dependents than most people can support. Do you have a "family" of your own yet? You will start one or build on yours in 2014. It may not be a traditional family, but you will form a strong one. It is said that Capricorns are old when they're young and young when they're old. In spite of doing your familial duties, you'll still have plenty of time for romance this year. - free dating, dating online, dating girls, site for meeting people
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