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Your zodiac - Pisces
Personal and Social Life in 2014

Etheric Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, and this year Neptune will be passing through your sign. Therefore, the spiritual strength and inclinations typical of Pisces will be significantly more visible.

Your interests and pursuits in the arts will also benefit from this energy - perhaps you can launch a neo-Impressionist movement in painting or a more spiritual approach to music. World religions can forget their differences and work together for a greater good. You, as a Pisces, will find more direction in life than you ever did before. The symbol for Pisces is one fish swimming upstream and the other swimming downstream. Many astrologers have interpreted this symbol as a metaphor for indecisiveness. This may change in 2014.

Many Pisceans will find themselves focusing on one concept or goal - and thus will make more of a difference than many Pisceans could fathom. You will still see the sides of every issue - but a newfound strength of will could make a major difference on Planet Earth.

Pisceans are among the most romantic people on the planet. When they meet someone appealing, an alarm bell might ring in their heads saying, "Not this one!" But there is an equal chance that that same bell will tinker out, "This is the one!"

If the person you're with also has a strong Piscean influence, the relationship is apt to be as strong as steel in 2014. However, if you have different ideals, you may need to kick up your give-and-take. A Pisces' ideals are too strong to give them up easily.

Once they find the right mate, however, Pisceans will very likely be with their partners until death or extreme circumstances do them part. They very likely might have several children - and the kids are apt to be as sincere and idealistic as their parents.

You and your partner are musically or artistically talented - probably because your parents recognized this gift and encouraged it. Piscean partnerships can be among the most loving and more apt to last - even in this day and age. 2014 will be a good year to strengthen your bond even more. - free dating, dating online, dating girls, site for meeting people
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