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Your zodiac - Gemini
Personal and Social Life in 2014

If any sign has sufficient ingenuity to get through hard times without any major suffering, it's Gemini. Gemini has quick eyes and a quick mind, and its natives are among the cleverest of the Zodiac. Whatever challenges come your way, you usually find a quick and easy solution so that you can get back to your projects.

Routine is pretty much foreign to Geminis. They like to seek out the unusual, bizarre, and unexpected - and in 2014, they'll certainly see a lot of it!

Gemini thrives on change, and seeks out unique experiences. As a Gemini, you don't mind taking chances that would freak out other signs. Some Geminis drive others crazy. They're adamant about a certain idea one day, and the next day they're already bored to tears. This year, however, most Geminis will thrive on all the changes going on in 2014. Boredom may go the way of the dinosaurs - especially if a Gemini happens to be your best friend.

How long have you been with your present partner, Gemini? Have you ever shopped for a house or car together? You'll both love whatever you've found, and will make great plans. Then suddenly, another day comes (and another prospect), and you tell your partner that you've changed your mind. With erratic Uranus connecting nicely with Gemini, this year you'll find that such events will happen again and again and again!

In short: life with a Gemini could be a constant parade of fascinating people, strange ideas, and adventures that very few people are willing to try. In 2014, there will be a lot of weird and wonderful happenings, and if you can't actually see them, you'll follow every news article you can find. Your mate may or may not be interested, but the fact that you're interested fascinates him/her. One thing that your partner will never have to complain about is being bored!
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